The Football Penguin

Pictured: Freshman Cheerleader, Julia, holding the cheer dinosaur, and freshman football player, Sam, holding the football penguin. 

By Sophia Flamoe

If you’re smart -and have school spirit- you’ve probably been to an Ingraham football game (go Rams!) and if you’re paying attention, you have probably noticed a stuffed penguin that the team has brought out to games. That is the football turnover penguin, and he is a symbol of fun and perseverance for the team.

When interviewed, Logan Lorber, a player for the team said, “Our turnover penguin represents the fun we can have with our program. You may see other teams with a turnover chain of some sort, but with our penguin, our coach decided to choose it as the highest rank, highest power of all, to the point when you hold it you will feel its power surging from it. Only people that are worthy of getting a turnover in the game are able to hold it, or else you will fall apart from its power.” Riveting stuff!  

Also interviewed was Coach Cook, who wrote, “Ah yes, the turnover penguin. A few years ago at Bellevue I watched an EC game on TV, and whenever they got a turnover they would take a sledgehammer and smash blocks. Then a chain and a dance or something. I thought it was ridiculous. So my daughter and I tried to come up with something absurd, and she decided on the penguin. Thus, it was born! The Power of the Penguin compels you! I asked the Rams if they wanted to do it; they liked the idea. One of the players is elected each week to take care of her and present her, and we worship her power.” 

Now you know the story of the football penguin! 

Coincidentally, in a show of solidarity, Ingraham Cheer had adopted the tradition with their own Cheer Dinosaur, lovingly named for their coach, Vanessa!