Student Life

Ingraham’s New Teachers for 2021

Mr. Hyde

Interviewed by Anja Webster

Mr. Ryan Hyde is a new gym teacher at Ingraham High school this year. He worked previously at Ballard High School, and most recently at Graham Hill Elementary. He stated that he loves working in high schools and was already familiar with Ingraham, so when the job opened up, he applied immediately. Mr. Hyde said the school and community has felt extremely welcoming, and he’s excited to be working with everyone and looks forward to the year. Outside of school, he likes kayaking, golfing and all kinds of other sports. He lives with his wife, daughter, and dog Reno. 

Mr. Britton

Interviewed by Thomas Faulhaber

Mr. Gavin Britton is the new teacher for all of Ingraham’s computer science classes. This is his first year teaching, though he has done tutoring in the past. His other experience includes game design and development and training businessmen at Microsoft in data science programming with Python. His favorite programming language is C++ because it allows the programmer full control of the development process, and he thinks it’s the first language people should learn. He has recently been using C# for game development and now Java for Ingraham’s IB CS and AP CS classes.  He says that teaching at Ingraham is challenging but also fun. His advice for computer science students is to not get discouraged by the initial challenges of programming and learn to persevere and solve problems through logical reasoning.

Ms. Patrick

Interviewed by Oscar Snider

Ms. Patrick is Ingraham’s new IB literature teacher. Last year she taught language arts at Lincoln High School. In the past she has also worked at Central Washington University and taught English at a private university in China. Ms. Patrick loves language arts because she feels like there is something important about going outside of your own perspective and experiences. She also talks about how rewarding it can be to see students you teach succeed. Outside of school she loves to crochet, play guitar, go camping, and garden. She has both a dog and a cat. Ms. Patrick believes that collectively we can learn to communicate about ourselves and with others in a way that benefits everyone.

Ms. Charters

Interviewed by Caroline Bricknell

Ms. Charters is Ingraham’s new Baking and Pastry teacher. Ms. Charters started teaching in 1996 at the college level. She has also cooked in restaurants for 35 years. . Ms. Charters believes that the culinary industry is becoming increasingly more reliant on high school culinary classes. She feels as though high school is a little more overwhelming than college because it is a lot more hands on with the students. Other than that, she is really liking it here at Ingraham. Ms. Charters was born and raised in Washington and is currently living in Ballard with a son at Ballard High School.

Ms. Connolly

Interviewed by Maggie Sill

Ms. Connolly is one of Ingraham’s new office staff and transferred here from the nearby Robert Eaglestaff Middle School. She wanted to work with students at a high school level, but also to keep her commute short, and as such applied to Ingraham as soon as she saw a position. She finds the staff at Ingraham friendly and welcoming, and the students kind. She enjoys seeing the world with her family, biking, and going on hikes and walks with her dog Cody. The other members of her family include her husband and daughter. 

Mr. Zavaleta

Interviewed by Skye Decker

Mr. Zavaleta is a new Spanish teacher here at Ingraham High School. He immigrated to the United States at six years old from Mexico. Right now, he is juggling graduate school and teaching five high school class periods per day. He says to have a packed schedule like him you have to know your limits and be as organized as possible, so you don’t get too stressed out. His long-term goals are to graduate college with a 4.0 and make a personal impact on each of his students.  

Ms. Vander Pol

Interviewed by Mary Simmons

Ms. Vander Pol is Ingraham’s new family health teacher. She became a teacher to help students. She says that she loves the development of high schoolers, how they’re trying to find their identity, and finds it very interesting. She feels that she has a good personality to help students get through high school. In her free time, she likes to relax, watch tv, hang out with her friends, and walk her dog Nova. One fact about her that surprises people is that she’s left-handed.

Ms. Starr

Interviewed by Thomas Faulhaber

Ms. Starr is a Spanish teacher. She just started teaching here this year, but she was previously employed as a Spanish teacher at a private school here in Seattle. Before that, she worked for the Mexican government as a supervisor in citizen participation. She says she decided to start teaching Spanish abroad because she loves her language and thinks it’s important to share cultures and traditions between nations. She hopes that her students will think about how we can create a better world to live in, having a better awareness of the issues faced by Latino Americans and immigrants. According to her, the ability to communicate is the most important part of learning a language. Even if you make mistakes while speaking, you have succeeded as long as your meaning is understood. She focuses her curriculum on spoken Spanish, saying that her students have plenty of experience with the written word but limited experience when it comes to speech. She believes it’s possible to achieve fluency without travelling, but that communication with native speakers is the most effective way to learn. She says about her experience at Ingraham that she loves the IB program and the dedication displayed by the IB students. She also likes the diversity of Ingraham and how respectful and responsible the students here are. 

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