Student Life

Homecoming Week

By Claire Banasky

Welcome to Homecoming Week! Ingraham High School has many events that encapsulate our homecoming traditions. When students think of homecoming, they think of the game, the dance and hallway decorating.  

Hallway decorating is a fun way to get to know your classmates and other students at school! It begins a few weeks before the actual week of homecoming. ASB comes up with a theme. This year, the theme is Netflix. Then, they pick a topic for each grade that falls under the main theme. The topic for freshmen is Cocomelon, sophomores got Squid Game, juniors got Outer Banks and seniors got Stranger Things. Each grade has met and planned what they want their hallway to look like. The freshman hall is in front of room 116. Sophomores are in front of room 102. Juniors are in front of the library. Seniors are in front of the Activities Center (AC). 

On the night of October 21, the school will be open from 4pm to 10pm. All grades come to school and decorate their halls. In some years, people have stayed until one in the morning to decorate. On Friday, October 22, everyone shows up to school with the hallways completely decorated. There’s music and costumes, and it’s crazy to see what each grade comes up with. Most of the competition is between the seniors and juniors. Sometimes, it’s very close. 

During first period, judges will go around and evaluate the hallways. In non-COVID times, the winner would be announced at the pep rally later that day. ASB plans to have another virtual pep-assembly on Wednesday the 20th, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open!  

Good luck and have fun Rams! 

Map of the School
Senior Hallway
Junior Hallway
Sophomore Hallway
Freshman Hallway

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