Student Life


By Marwan Mohamed

Being born black in America 

Your facing a death sentence 

In Several different ways 

Your life is going to be threatened 

Mostly everything in America had some racial history behind it 

But the only history you’ll hear is that Martin Luther King decided to fight it 

Or that Rosa Parks got on bus and sat up front 

And the whites didn’t like it 

Why aren’t we taught about Malcom X liberations 

I tell you why 

The white government has an act for feeding a quarter of a statement 

They don’t teach about Malcom because he challenged all these cases 

His claim to fame didn’t come cause he was born Caucasian and racist 

It came Because he was a black man educated enough to make real changes 

And that’s why he’s not taught 

All of black history has simply been fabricated 

And it doesn’t stop there America is still extremely racist

They just found better ways to hide this discrimination 

Like using mass incarceration to lock up black faces 

And putting crack in the poor communities 

Where they could barely afford to eat 

Give them one little Taste 

And now there hooked on the street 

Cops harass and beat blacks and lock em up on petty crimes 

Then when they get out they can’t a job cause of all this lost time 

So they have no choice but to go out and sell a dime 

The cycle just continues 

My life isn’t even mine 

Since the day I was born 

I’ve been living on Borrowed time 

One way or another 

I’m set to meet my demise 

Now America let me ask you 

Why do you feel so threatened by my life 

Why does the color of your skin 

Make you think that your in the right 

That you can use every possible way 

To kill blacks and it’s alright 

I won’t sit idly by and watch as the injustices continue 

It’s time for it to end I just hope this message gets through to you

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