Students’ Stress Starts: Registering for Classes

Students across the country are currently choosing their classes for next year, and it’s a stressful time. There are many stories of students accidentally registering for a math class years above their current understanding, or an elective that they have no interest in. Now is the time that students must make a choice about their futures.

Among the criteria to think about when choosing classes, determining the credits that are needed to graduate is very important. To graduate high school you must have a total of 24 credits. These fall in to the following categories:

  • 4.0 credits are required for English/Language Arts
  • 3.0 credits for Social Studies, Mathematics and Science
  • 1.5 for Physical Education
  • 1.0 for Fine/Performing Arts and CTE
  • 0.5 for Health 

This doesn’t even include career pathway options, which are a world language for most students. Registration is confusing, and understandably it frustrates many people. These classes represent our future. Should I choose IB, AP, or do I go into running start? What do I want my future to look like?

A major thing to consider for many students when choosing classes is IB. Ingraham has a very IB centered culture. Students see it as a solid way to look better on college applications. Some students pointed out that while IB is a great way to improve college applications, it should be taken as a way to gain knowledge, not improve the merit of your transcripts. “To me if you are gaining more useful knowledge from your normal classes, there is no reason to take IB” shared a sophomore. These choices are heavy on student’s minds as registration begins.

“This is a stressful time,” the sophomore remarked. “There are so many different pathways. They all affect your future.” 

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