An Unusual Presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency has been one of the most polarizing presidencies in recent history. His unique rhetoric and populous approach set the stage for an unusual 2020 campaign and the ” least professional presidential debate America has ever seen.” This is prominently shown with statistics: Trump interrupted Biden 57 times; Biden interrupted Trump 29 times; Trump personally attacked Biden 12 times, one of which being an attack on Biden’s son for having a drug problem; Biden personally attacked Trump 10 times, one of which being telling him he’s the worst president America has ever seen. Trump argued with the moderator 25 times and the moderator told Trump to stop talking 24 times.

One major point of interest from the first debate was when Donald Trump was asked to publicly denounce white supremacy; he told the white supremacist group “proud boys” to “stand back and stand by.” The group took this as an endorsement from Trump and added the quote to their website. Joe Biden stated that he does not support the Green New Deal, which contradicts what was said on his official website. The last debate ran for a total of 90 minutes. Trump spoke for 41 minutes and Biden spoke for 37 minutes. In this debate 6 topics were covered; COVID, American families, race, climate change, national security, and leadership. While discussing race, Trump said that besides the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln he has done the most out of every president for black lives in America. Biden brought up Trump’s secret Chinese bank account and brought up how Trump has paid more tax to China than he has to the US in the last 10 years. When discussing climate change, Trump said the US has the cleanest water in the world, which is simply false. Finally, Biden said if elected he will rejoin the Pairs Agreement. 

Regardless of party labels “Democrat” and “Republican,” it is important to view politicians as people rather than political figures. Imagine that you are a hiring manager at a fast food restaurant and someone applied. When reviewing their application, you see that they have 26 sexual assault allegations, 7 of which are against children, would you hire this person? If you answered no to hiring that candidate in a fast food restaurant then you probably wouldn’t want that person running your country but unfortunately that is the reality. Donald Trump has 26 sexual assault, 7 of which were against children. These are cases filed in a court that you can look up in any government data base.

Now that Trump has been voted out, we could look back on his presidency as a thing of the past and something we can learn from. His presidency is a good example of a misuse of power in the United States and how politicians can manipulate the system for selfish gain.

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