Student Life

Spooky Season in a Scary Time

As many people prepare to celebrate Halloween, it is important to think about how to celebrate safely this year. Halloween is a staple in American culture. A time where we see people come together to wear costumes, eat candy, buy pumpkins and tell scary stories. This has been the normal for decades. With covid however, nothing is normal. So how will Halloween be celebrated this year? And how should you celebrate it safely?

Even if you might not be celebrating as usual, there are still many ways to show spirit. In fact 60% percent of Ingraham students asked have said that they still plan to celebrate this Halloween. Going to the pumpkin patch remains a great way to get in spirit. Ingraham student Iris Strickland is planning to make her own costume for Halloween, along with doing a photoshoot. Other ideas for celebration may include pumpkin carving or watching scary movies with friends. You can host a socially-distant outdoor movie viewing or virtually host a Netflix watch party. Sitting alone in a room and just eating candy works too! 

Just remember, this still will not be your typical halloween, the coronavirus remains a serious issue that will not go away for a night. If you are going to trick-or-treat make sure to wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer. Be smart about the way you socialize. Also, be aware that not everyone may be comfortable with these activities. People have to keep some semblance of normalcy in these abnormal times, something to celebrate and feel good about. We all deserve some fun.

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