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Klara and the Sun Review

By Thomas Faulhaber [ Minor spoilers. Nothing that would ruin the book.]  Klara and the Sun is Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel, just being published this past March. You may know Ishiguro from his earlier hits The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go. I first encountered his work when I read Never Let […]

The Sphinx, and the Boy with no Fear

By Sophia Flamoe There was a boy they said had no fear. He was scared of nothing and no one, and thus, he believed himself a god amongst humans.   His name was Cygnus Bane, and unlike the legend, he wasn’t always so fearless. Cygnus Bane came from the worst sort of family for a boy like him; the […]

The Football Penguin

Pictured: Freshman Cheerleader, Julia, holding the cheer dinosaur, and freshman football player, Sam, holding the football penguin.  By Sophia Flamoe If you’re smart -and have school spirit- you’ve probably been to an Ingraham football game (go Rams!) and if you’re paying attention, you have probably noticed a stuffed penguin that the team has brought out […]

They Both Die at the End: A book about seizing the day that ultimately didn’t.

By Kalli Dahlberg *SPOILERS AHEAD, OBVIOUSLY*  They Both Die at the End is a popular young adult novel written by Adam Silvera. Silvera is an up-and-coming YA author. They Both Die at the End is Silvera’s third and most popular book.   Silvera’s third novel focuses on two teenage boys, Mateo and Rufus, who receive calls from Death-Cast, a company that accurately predicts death. Rufus and Mateo suddenly have something in common: They both have less than 24 hours to live. Mateo and Rufus […]

Clubs at Ingraham

By Kalli Dahlberg, edited by Maggie Sill  Recently at the Cascade, we’ve noticed that while Ingraham has many amazing clubs to offer, there’s a distinct lack of information on what is available or how to sign up. The club fair was helpful, but students (some of our staff included) didn’t know it was going on until it was too late.   Here’s a highlight of some clubs you otherwise might not have heard […]